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FIA Start-Up Challenge

Connect with 105 mobility clubs and benefit from their established brands

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FIA Start-Up Challenge

FIA Start-Up Challenge

Mobility clubs are well-established consumer service providers: by participating in the Start-Up Challenge, start-ups can benefit from their expertise and have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to decision makers from 105 mobility Clubs from Europe, Middle East and Africa, representing around 35 million consumers. With a traditional focus on road users, Mobility Clubs offer services to assist people in their daily lives and are always looking for new benefits to offer their loyal members. Nowadays the Clubs’ reach extends outside of people’s cars, with the ambition to benefit members whenever and wherever they are.

We are looking for start-ups with business ideas in the following fields:

• Mobility in rural areas: how can we bring the mobility transition to rural areas?

• Home and Personal assistance: how can Clubs make people’s lives easier also outside of their cars?

• Health and elderly assistance: how can Clubs cater for the ‘new old’ and help seniors ‘feel young again’

• Star category: innovative ideas outside the above categories that resonate with Mobility Clubs identities.

Shortlisted start-ups:  

  • One-to-one meetings with a selection of leading Clubs’ innovation and business development experts
  • Opportunity to pitch your idea in front of marketing and business professionals during our Meetup event in Vienna (October 2019).

Selected start-ups: Travel to the FIA Annual General Assembly in Paris to pitch in front of the 120 top decision makers from Mobility Clubs (December 2019)

Deadline for applications is 31 May 2019.

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