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Baum Centro de Negocios

Baum Centro de Negocios

Publicado el martes, 24 de mayo de 2022 a las 10:07

Adopting a flexible workspace saves money on things like leasing a private office, purchasing equipment, and managing the space. Organizations that choose a flexible workspace may get right to the main part of running a company. This concept is especially beneficial to startups that are attempting to run as lean a business as feasible.

Solutions for working near home

Working near home is a middle ground between mandatory office attendance and working remotely. It’s founded on the premise that by employing a flexible workspace near them, employees may have all the benefits of working from home while also getting the benefits of working in an office.

Cost-effectiveness and simplicity

In the conventional sense, leasing an office entails engaging a lawyer to interpret the agreements, employing an expert to design the space, hiring an IT firm to put up equipment, purchasing all of the amenities to keep staff happy, maintaining on top of maintenance, and hiring cleaners. Flexible workplaces reduce all of these duties, which detract from really conducting business.

An increasing number of startups

The number of new firms starting up in the UK is currently at the highest level ever achieved, and with that development comes an increased need for low-cost, low-commitment workplaces that can be utilized flexibly. Coworking spaces and hybrid offices, in particular, provide the ideal atmosphere for startup enterprises to network and grow alongside other startups.

Demand for freelancers

The number of independent employees in the country is also increasing, with the self-employed sector increasing by 31%  in 2021. The more freelancers there are, the greater the desire for flexible workplaces appears to be, just as it is with startups.


The office has evolved from being only an expensive means to a goal to something that may generate value in and of itself. Flexible workspaces are the future of the workplace, allowing companies to attract the finest people no matter where they are and offering employees locations that function better for them.

However, because the rapid change in the commercial office property market is unlikely to halt anytime soon, staying relevant and prospering in this fast-paced business necessitates a fundamental rethinking of flexible space.




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